Photography & Digital Art by DeGruy | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions ....

I bought a print and want to scan it so I can put it on my website.  Is that okay?

Sorry, no.  When you buy a print, you are buying an image printed on a surface, not the right to reproduce the image.  Reproduction rights belong to the photographer and are licensed to customers at various prices depending on the intended usage.  For customers who want to use the image on a website or Facebook or to make their own print copies,  I offer both high and low resolution digital files. 

What is the difference between high and low resolution?

High resolution files are 300 ppi and suitable for high quality printing and personal advertising.  They will print between 8x10" and 9x12" without enlargement and may be enlarged by the buyer to larger sizes as needed.  They may be reduced in size for use on personal websites, Facebook, and similar online locations.  

Low resolution files are 72 ppi and are intended for viewing online or on a computer screen such as a personal website, Facebook, or phone.  They average 800 x 600 pixels in size and are not of sufficient quality for printing. 

For the most flexibility, I recommend a high resolution file because it can both printed and used online. 


Are there any limitations as to how I can use a digital file?

I license digital files for personal use.  Examples of personal use:  display the file on your own website, print it on your letterhead, use it to advertise your dog in a magazine, make items for your own use, put it on your Facebook page.  You may not sell the file or any items made from it, nor submit it to or allow it to be used by a commercial entity or business; nor enter it or submit it to a commercially sponsored contest.   This list of uses, both personal and commercial, is not complete.  If you are unsure whether you have the rights to use a file in a particular way, definitely ask me.  


How fast can I get my order?

I normally have digital files prepared for download within 48 hours of placing the order.  This time frame can vary if I am away on assignment.  In any case, you'll be sent an email acknowledging your order and providing an anticipated delivery date.  When your files are ready, you'll be sent a download link. 

Prints are normally mailed within 10 days of placing the order.  Again, that time frame may vary if I am away from home.  In any case, you'll be sent an email acknowledging your order and providing an anticipated delivery date.  You'll be sent another message when your prints are in the mail.